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  • Summer travel fashion with a careful machine, easily capture the hearts of your gods!
    Every love of fashion MM will find accessories in addition to clothing outside the lens is essential to the point of fine ornaments. Accessories can show a different fashion, make it a favorite travel with, take a look at the daily life of the most common accessories it, with a different kind of fashion colors!

    With the heart together, enough to bring out the temperament, is a woman best to lift the man's secret weapon, fresh and generous, but also more than this beautiful? Can be compared to see a lot of wearing in the street with almost the same taste to complete the temperament is not a grade.

    Spring and summer alternation, mont blanc whether inside or outside wear. So that the feeling of bursting of the halter with a harness with a jacket, whether the baby to see the kind of eyes can not move the feeling of our women are all fans lost.

    Wide leg pants fashionable and cover the meat, legs, the goddess wear it a second cover the meat was thin, but also with the valiant taste of Oh! Neutral and thrown to go, yet women's elegance and fluttering lively and more important is also comes with Xianqi Oh!

    Summer wear a sun hat can mont blanc pen not only play a role in the sun, and find the right hat with clothes, more to enhance the overall feeling.

    mont blanc ballpoint pens An umbrella is an essential item for people to travel. But the suitcase to install clothes, shoes fortress, cosmetics to bring the camera can not fall, life and medicine items have to prepare for just in case ... ... So, leaving an umbrella space is not much friends ~

    In addition to the body wear, the importance of accessories can mont blanc sale not be ignored, a good sunglasses sunglasses can not only create a perfect face for you, but also embellishment of your overall dress, to protect your eyes, Increase your trendy index.

    Fashionable handbags, now is a fashionable, but also a symbol, the stars like the fashion industry's latest, or limited edition of the international brand-name bags, to do with.

    Rough with a small leather shoes style, in the match on the upper hand, whether it is art or leisure fashion can be interpreted it most vividly. The upper with a simple round buckle as a decoration, the atmosphere and type.

    2017-04-23 19:11:05
  • Have played uninhibited play a fairy little skirt What property depends on wearing a necklace.
    During the tour season, every girl will have a small white dress, refreshing color, leisure style gives a sense of comfort! Little white dress plastic super, and different jewelry accessories can be taken with Different style. Plus stacked wearing a necklace can be romantic Bohemian Style, wearing hair ornaments can also be the fairy, in short, your little white skirt can have N kinds of attributes, all look at what you add jewelry!

    Necklace Stacked + Sling White Skirt

    Thin shoulder strap with a small white dress is the most common style, thin shoulder strap and multi-layer fine necklace with a small white dress to break the style is too simple, rich sense of hierarchy. Lace or weave pattern white dress can choose more Bohemian mont blanc starwalker style jewelry style, such as: feather shape, with a turquoise inlay type or tassels and beads skewers can be selected. With the style and so on.

    mont blanc pens V-neck + Y-necklace

    V collar, short these sexy endorsement added to the small white dress, just let people love not! This time with a Y-necklace is absolutely thin and chic, before the small series has a necklace on the wear that Over, lapel necklace or pendant is a triangle has a sense of extension can be called Y-necklace, it is characterized by slender, looks more free and free. Speaking of this set of LOOK, Xiaobian think it is flat chest sister's welfare, because flat chest so wear the best look!

    Long necklace + one word white dress

    This style of 2016 super-popular style must be for a beautiful clavicle or shoulder line of the baby prepared; you can choose a short and delicate chain of clavicle chain to highlight your advantage, but the long section of the string of jewelry on the mirror effect Will be more excellent; natural gemstone beads in the sun shine more crystal flicker; gold and silver jewelry is a good choice, then in your little white dress or accessories to add some sequins will be more with a sense of decoration.

    Exaggerated sense of necklace + small round neck white dress

    Want mont blanc sale to point the national sense of Feel, it is better to add an exaggerated necklace, necklace selection as much as possible to eye-catching color, Size must be large, in the small white dress on the strong sense of presence!

    2017-04-20 19:10:59
  • Without these babies, pretty clothes are in vain!
  • Rings also take the simple wind, which several in the summer wear is clean ~
  • How to choose accessories? To change your style of clothing!
  • See the fox summer, teach you with Xianqi accessories!
  • Spring with a weapon, these accessories can not be less!
  • Lift to enhance the overall shape of accessories!
  • Pure white summer in the most white accessories single product!
  • >How to choose accessories? To change your style of clothing!
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